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It was love at first sight for me. I understand that most everyone must feel the same way when they lay eyes upon you for the first time in the flesh.  You are a wild beauty!  I've been told that you are Tanzania's symbol of all that is good in the world as you are by nature a visionary who sees far ahead, glances back at the past while gracefully moving through the present. I can see how you are their chosen one as you wear unapologeticly your bold prints and stand in flawless poses for all to wonder at you.  You are the muse of every prima dancer as you articulate your long, sinewy legs in harmonious, rhythmic strides across one's field of vision. Has anyone ever told you that you have the most beautiful neckline? Maybe, it's because I am a professional bodyworker, a yogi in body and soul, a dancer at heart and a somatic healing therapist; but I must say, your body language rocks!  

I too, would like to stand as tall as you and learn to stay a head above the rest. I too, desire to reach toward the heavens for my every nourishment. I too, want to learn the required shifts of delicate balance within my soul's anatomy whenever my head takes a bow and my thirst is quenched.  I watched you quietly on that first day for so long, before you ever took notice of me. I felt so small in contrast to your lovely, flashy self. But finally, you did indeed turn toward me and when your gorgeous, large, shapely eyes with those long, curvy lashes caught mine, my heart seized with pure joy! What a total flirt you are, my lovely Giraffe.