The health of the Feminine is very connected to her emotional self. Deemed by Mother Nature that women are the creative carriers in life, we bear within the feminine body the imprints of our soul experiences. Healing, resolving and releasing those experiences that have interrupted the natural creative impulse to live life fully is empowering and freeing. When a woman reclaims herself, her body sings, her heart opens, her mind is clear and her spirit soars.

At any age, from adolescence through mature adulthood, you, as a woman, are subjected to physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, social and relational challenges, losses and traumas. It is unfortunate but true.

There is a saying that “what doesn’t break us makes us stronger” yet, everyone has their breaking point. It is not a sign of weakness but your humanness. Rather than retreat from life, become numb or self destructive, the option to heal can turn around any negative or wounding experience into a profound journey of positive self discovery. This results in a retrieval of oneself, and the courage to embrace personal growth.

Important Areas in Your Life to Foster:

  • Health, immune system and energy level

  • Positive attitude toward life, men, women

  • Positive self image and body image

  • Healthy sexuality and ability to be comfortable in your body

  • Capacity to be in healthy relationships

  • Personal ambitions, creativity, goals

  • Self acceptance and compassion

  • Healing life forces

  • Self worth, self-esteem

  • Resilience to return to balance

  • Your essential self

Through BodyWord® therapeutic services, you are able to find a way to experience your deepest needs met. BodyWord® Therapies include therapeutic massage, relaxation techniques, visualization and meditation, body psychotherapy, stress relief and women’s circles.