BodyWord® is a creative, mind-body process and holistic philosophy developed by Ellen Gayda.

Ellen addresses individuals of all ages with minor to severe concerns that benefit from a body focused approach to reset the connection between the body, emotions, and belief systems that affect the vitality and consciousness of the human spirit.

Ellen’s professional seminars focus on women’s health, holistic health, self-healing, stress relief and the embodiment of language as a spiritual state of consciousness. BodyWord® services incorporate therapeutic massage, listening presence, gestalt psychotherapy, relaxation therapies, educational seminars and women’s support circles.

BodyWord® helps you on the path to healing, health, and transformation by:

  • providing deep relaxation and rejuvenation to the body and mind without taking a vacation!

  • Meeting you where you are

  • Cultivating a greater capacity to listen and respond more authenticly to your essential needs within your body, emotions, mind and spiritual consciousness

  • Awakening your perception to step out of the box and create a game plane
  • Inviting you to become a co-creator and participant in your own health reform program

  • Supporting a deeper truth that you are more than your disease 

  • Developing trust in your emotional intelligence

  • Experiencing the wisdom of your body

  in tune...
  in touch...
  in formed...
  in spired...
  in sightful