The wisdom of the ages tells us that women seek women for support when they are exploring their power in uncharted territory. Women are most capable of navigating these rites of passages and life transitions when they are not alone. Discovering one's personal truth requires courage, respect, support and a passion without apology. Women have been midwives to one another since the beginning of time.  We are deeply connected to our intuitive, instinctive feminine body and soul wisdom.  Our emotional intelligence is an inherited power that demands deep listening.

Becoming part of The Labyrinth of the Feminine Soul allows you to celebrate your feminine spirit and share in the wisdom that is both personal and collective. Creating a confidential, respectful, sacred space for a deeper language of meaning to be developed amongst women allows for an exceptionally rich experience of soul nurturance, self awareness and powerful sisterhood.


WHEN-  2x month - either Monday or Wednesday
TIME  -  7:30 - 9:30 pm
WHERE -Phila.Pa.  (Chestnut Hill) and Malvern, Pa.
COST -   $ 80 once a month   ; 50% of all collected monies is donated to mutually agreed upon women's charities

For more information please call: ELLEN @ 610-644-2595 or email;

"The experience of the women's circle is a gift that unfolds over time; allowing me to feel trust, vulnerability, safety, and a capacity to listen deeply and be heard. This has allowed me to be present to others and open to possibilities within myself." Jane Hulting


Facilitated by Ellen Gayda,  founder of The Labyrinth of the Feminine Soul and BodyWord® therapy, a body oriented psychotherapy process. She is a pioneer in the holistic field of health and self- healing as a creative process and mind-body wisdom. She is co-founder of three holistic centers, a national presenter and seminar facilitator. She authored "Her Body Cannot Tell A Lie" a spoken word performance that addresses women's narratives held in the body.  Ellen maintains a private practice in Malvern, Pa. and Chestnut Hill, as a body psychotherapist, a licensed bodyworker and energy healer. Much of her body awareness in grounded in an extensive history in Zen mindfulness training, yoga, massage therapies. She is certified in Gestalt psychotherapy. Member of USABP and AMTA.