I am a Body Psychotherapist, Healer, Bodyworker and Wisdom Teacher

I exercise my creative intelligence as a Visionary, Ideologist and Intuitive

I am an Analyst of the third kind, connecting data like a web...

I get meaning when I translate in between the meta/form....

trusting what I know from a lifetime of experience personal, professional and academic

with trainings in Gestalt, Psychology, Zen, Massage, Yoga and Spiritual healing from Masters of schools without walls 

For decades now, I walk my talk

I speak, present and facilitate groups... I am holistic so I rarely separate...

I trust the wisdom of the body as a living organism that articulates its message through symptom, movement and gesture

I listen for the truth behind and between words that are spoken

I help people because I am passionate, gifted, blessed with purpose and with health

I believe there are endless approaches to personal growth that transforms the process of embodied intention into action .... the paths of self healing, optomizing health, relationship building and community service

From biopsychoneuroimmunology to sports psychology and women's health,
science is beginning to prove what some of us already know...

the power lies within us all