2012-2015 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine invites me wach year to be a guest lecturer to their final year graduate PhD interns in Department of Educational Psychology. Introduction to Principles and Applications of BodyWord Therapy in the field of Somatic Psychology and Body Psychotherapy.

2015- 2006  "The Labyrinth of the Feminine Soul" is an ongoing facilitated women's circle in Philadelphia, Pa. that focuses on creating a supportive sacred space for women to explore the themes that are personal and collective shared during stages of transition and rites of passage. 

10.16.2011 "The Power Of Inhabitance" Developed a BodyWord® workshop for men and women on "The Power Of Inhabitance", Phila.Pa.

06.06.2010 "Her Body Cannot Tell A Lie" Developed a Women's retreat that debuted "Her Body Cannot Tell A Lie" for use as drama therapy. Held at Birdsong Chamber in Pottstown, Pa.

02.21.2010 - 02.26.2010 - Co-facilitator with Mariah Gladis in her week long Gestalt workshop "Arrive Already Loved" at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California. Morning sessions began with spoken word prose "Her Body Cannot Tell A Lie" being used as catalyst for self somatic awareness for both men and women. All morning programs incorporated Gestalt principles and BodyWord® therapy.

02.26.2010 - 02.28.2010  Co-facilitated weekend workshop with Mariah Gladis, founder of Pennsylvania Gestalt Center at Esalen Institue, Big Sur ,California. Created morning programs that awakened mind-body connection and led to expressive therapeutic movement. Also introduced the principles of Gestalt therapy and functional applications in everyday life.

09.10.2009 - 09.12.2009  Debut of "Her Body Cannot Tell A Lie" as a creative healing arts performance to mixed audience at Philadelphia Live Arts/ Fringe Show. 

10.14.2008 - Pennsylvania Gestalt Alumni Meeting Ellen Gayda presented a topic on the Interface of Ellen’s BodyWord® and Gestalt Therapy. Didatic followed by a demonstration with audience volunteers

07.2008 - 5th National Conference of USABP - "Getting to the Heart of the Matter" Ellen Gayda presented on The Role of Creative Intelligence in Body Psychotherapy. To view Ellen's paper on this topic, click here

05.2007 - "Tools of self-awareness through BodyWord® Therapy" Seminar for women with HIV sponsored by www.philafight.org

06.2004 - "Behind the Curtain of Health Disorders", 4th National Conference of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy

10.2004 - "Feeding the Empty Self through BodyWord®: A Body-Oriented Psychotherapy", 14th Annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference for Professionals

03.2000 - BodyWord® C.A.P.H.A. Organization’s bi-annual panel/presentation series on mind-body therapies, Wayne, PA

- BodyWord® Life Counseling Center - Paoli, PA. 06.

1999 - "Tools for Self Healing & Stress Reduction", National Men’s Health Association & Fitness Conference

1999 - BodyWord® Living Health Expo Philadelphia Convention Center

1999 - BodyWord® Bryn Mawr School of Social Work - Brown Bag Lecture Series

1998 - BodyWord® Gestalt Network Association.

1997 - Women’s Health thru Menopause Five women panel/presentation, Paoli, PA

1996 - "What is Holistic Health?", Main Line Unitarian Women’s Retreat.

1996 - "Bridging the Mind-Body Connection", Bryn Mawr Rehab. Center Stroke Support Group for Young Persons

1995 - "Reclaiming Your Body", S.A.F.A.R. Yearly conference for women advocacy group against incest and rape.

1995 - "Creating Your Own Health Care", Reform Pinebrook Professional Center, Paoli, PA