I know i am running on mother's love while thoughts, feelings and sentiments course through me well past midnight and I need to share them in print. I am still winding down from giving my daughter Iris a baby shower yesterday that became a thoughtful, collaborative, creative project over the last several weeks.

When Iris and I first spoke of her guest list it became evident that the whole concept behind this was to gather very special women who have held a particular place in the history of her "becoming" who she is. She has always been a child of the universe, with a village of wise women she has adopted along the way. As her mother, I vowed to guide her and not block her from being herself. I learned this through the transmission of my mother's wisdom to me.

Perhaps all good mothers/fathers/and wise adults come to this realization along the way. Learning to nurture, protect and support the natural developmental growth process of a child allows a child to become comfortable in one's own skin.  Years ago, I heard or read that  If a child can see one's own reflection through the clear eyes of the nurturing parent, then the child will grow to recognize and know his or her true self.  It is through the self becoming aware of the self  that keener senses are awakened . In time, these senses come into sharper focus. This is how one learns who and what to trust. 

Bringing all these wise women together yesterday to celebrate, bless and honor my daughter as she comes into motherhood reminded me of this truth.  People say she is glowing. I know she is. Her light comes from both within her as well as from those who were present. Each wise woman brought their own light and clarity as well. Some described the day as magical. I saw that each one present was a star that glowed. The women gathered into constellations with their light shining around her.

Imagine how the world would be, if you and everyone else accepted an invitation to be a clear reflection for another.

Imagine, how you would be, if you and everyone else were fertile with possibilities awaiting to be birthed and that what was required was your dedicated support, nurturance and attention and a constellation of support..

Imagine that you vowed to get out of our own way and let yourself manifest your destiny.

Imagine that everyone is particpating in the birthing and rebirthing of our human consciousness all the time, and perfecting the bearing and labor of love.

Imagine this is happening whether you imagine it or not. 

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