Ellen Gayda officially registered her creative process BodyWord® in 1998 after years of work in creative and therapeutic processes helping clients bridge the connection between one's mind -body and emotions for optimal health, healing and transformation.

Bodyword® as a body psychotherapy, relies on touch, body movement, breath awareness, Gestalt process and dialogue to awaken and align your self awareness with your feelings in your body.

Bodyword® as a therapy helps you avoid further "living in your head" and helps you "get to the heart of the matter" when you need support:

  • healing from deep wounds that talk therapy alone won't resolve
  • releasing outworn belief systems that are preventing you from moving forward,
  • tapping into new level of creativity and productivity
  • addressing physical symptoms that are based in stress, trauma and unresolved emotions
  • learning a self healing process that enables particpation in your recovery
  • deepening states of self awareness, integration and self realization
  • reconnecting with oneself as body, soul and spirit

Ellen Gayda is a professional clinical member of the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy and presents at their national conferences. For more info on body psychotherapy go to:

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