awakening... healing... integrative ... a present moment
therapeutic experience that reconnects you to your vitality and creative intelligences by tuning out so you can tune in - being touched so you can touch others and turning it up so you can turn on!

The BodyWord® process serves to feed your creative muse and hold a fertile space for creative breakthroughs to emerge. Allow yourself to:

  • Feel your creative intelligence expressing itself through all multi-faceted languages

  • Experience a fluid body relieved from pain that interferes with your creative expression

  • Discover how to dismantle creative, psychological blocks, identify and confront your emotional saboteurs

  • Reconnect with the inner life of feelings, dreams, concepts, images that lead to insight and inspiration

  • re-inhabit your body so movement and voice return as an inside out experience

  • Reframe your perspective and prioritize, in order to avoid burnout that threatens your career, health and relationships

  • Get centered, organized and clear

  • Connect with the power of your word as an active language of meaning and a felt experience so a new vocabulary is created

  • Quiet the mind, and body to restore relaxation, vitality and balance

who is bodyword® for?

All Performing, Visual, Literary and Conceptual Artists …Dancers , Actors, Comedians, Writers, Poets, Composers, Musicians, Sculptors, Painters, Vocalists, Ideologists, Inventors...

the bodyword® process is for...

y o u ...dependent upon thinking outside the box for your livelihood

y o u ...needing to maintain an edge in your respective fields

y o u ...needing optimal physical and mental energy and want both addressed in one process

y o u ...seeking new insights and inspirational direction

y o u ...needing to reconnect with yourself, feel enliven and inhabit your body and word

y o u ...wanting to heal your emotional - body splits and do so in a creative context

y o u ...needing deep relaxation on mental, physical and emotional levels

y o u ...that needs to plug back into the power current of the present moment

y o u ...putting an end to your creative block

y o u ...addressing the demons that sabotage you and create anxiety

Ellen has presented and written on the subject of optimal health and healing as a creative process for more than 25 years. She brings her own creative intelligence to the forefront of her mind-body process and address acute and chronic physical, emotional and existential states of being.

Ellen’s unique BodyWord Process along with her vitality, humor, clear perceptions, and insightfulness ignites heighten awareness that leads to breakthrough experiences. She has worked privately with vocalist, screen and television actors, radio personalities, musicians, authors, poets, dancers, painters, sculptors, art conservationists, composers, inventors, and other original thinkers..

. . . in tune . . . in touch . . . informed . . . inspired . . . insightful